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20/20  Imaging P-DR HG+ Complete or Retrofit

20/20 Imaging P-DR HG+ Complete

20/20 Imaging brings 20/20 vision to your practice offering custom retrofit DR configurations to accommodate your facility with existing x-ray equipment. Our latest DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the very latest technology of digital imaging to your practice. The C-DR HG+ retro-fit system includes; digital CCD panel, acquisition workstation, exposure interface, cabinet, encased grid, mounting hardware, high end computer technology, full Opal-CHIRO software package with the most robust features, extended warranties, and an on-site installer and trainer to make sure you are comfortable and 100% satisfied.

20/20 C-DR HG+

20/20 C-DR’s 14×17 sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on an acquire computer workstation within 10-12 seconds from exposure. It is adaptable to most existing x-ray systems with our universal grid cabinet.

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Used and refurbished options are available for immediate delivery. We also offer mobile units, rental units, and lease to own options.