Konica Minolta NANO P Class

Konica Minolta NANO P Class Brochure

Going Digital

Going Digital allows for the elimination of wet processing chemicals, the reduction of retakes and the consistent production of high quality images and now it’s never been easier. The Image Pilot CR system requires no changes to your current X-ray room and best of all the built in AutoPilot Image Processing eliminates steps and allows users to produce consistent, high quality images out of the box with minimal instruction. The user interface is simple, easy to use, yet feature rich.

Excellent Features & Benefits

  • Perfect Solution For Low Volume Practices
  • Easy To Use
  • Low Maintenance
  • AutoPilot Feature Offers Automatic Image Processing With The Highest Image Quality
  • One Click Image Acquisition
  • Rich Viewing Screen Offers Image Adjustments, Annotations, Measurements, Inputs and Outputs
  • Completely Customizable For Basic To Advanced Users
  • Offers Multi-Patient Export To CD/DVD Or Files
  • Distributed Workflow With Multiple Client Workstations
  • Superior Image Quality

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Used and refurbished options are available for immediate delivery. We also offer mobile units, rental units, and lease to own options.