Hitachi Echelon 1.5T

Hitachi Echelon 1.5T

Cutting edge technology HOSS™ High Order Shim System
Compensates for the effect of the patient’s body on the main magnetic field. Regional shim allows the most convenient positioning for both patient and user for outstanding imaging results. HOSS™ technology is the hardware platform of the future for even more advanced imaging capabilities.

The clinical benefits include:
• Excellent image quality for all sequences
• Outstanding homogeneity over 50cm DSV
• Best RF fat saturation without compromise

Patient comfort

The short bore and large patient aperture create a convivial patient environment
without compromising clinical utility. The large, high-capacity patient table
comfortably supports a broad range of patient body types.

Convenient operation

The extremely long table stroke (2800mm) and wide gantry aperture (610mm) avoid
the need for repositioning, enabling the user to achieve the highest possible patient
With a table weight limit of 225kg, large patients are not a problem.
A wide, fully motorised patient table with a vertical movement range of 495-852mm
allows any patient to be positioned with ease.
Adjustable bore lighting and silent ventilation optimise patient comfort.

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