GE Revolution GSI

GE Revolution GSI

A Better Exam

If your facility is like most, you’re looking for imaging solutions to help you make more confident diagnoses, reduce the need for costly or invasive procedures, ensure consistent quality across your exams, and differentiate your capabilities from those of other providers.

What if you could address all these needs with a single CT system that would help you:

  • Successfully scan more patients including those with metal implants
  • Triage and stratify kidney stone patients faster through quantitative stone characterization
  • Serve as a gatekeeper for more expensive procedures for cardiac patients by acquiring anatomical and functional information in a single scan
  • Gain richer information on tissue characterization without a radiation dose penalty
  • Optimize contrast media exposure and improve staff workflow

A unique solution

Revolution* GSI helps make clinical excellence routine, delivering consistently high-definition imaging and expanding diagnostic capabilities across applications. It enables you to take CT beyond classical anatomical assessment to quantitative tissue characterization and advanced functional imaging. And it may help reduce radiation dose for your patients.

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Used and refurbished options are available for immediate delivery. We also offer mobile units, rental units, and lease to own options.