GE Optima CT580 W

GE Optima CT580 W

Very accommodating

Trauma patients encumbered by backboards, IVs and other emergency medical apparatus may enter into the Optima CT580 W, with its spacious 80 cm gantry opening.

Lightning fast

Full 360o gantry rotation in just 0.5 seconds means helical scans are extremely fast. For shorter breath holds. More comfortable exams. Less patient motion.

Get the big picture. Every time.

For many large patients, CT scans are more than uncomfortable. They’re impossible. Optima CT580 W provides solutions in those challenging situations.
A super-size bore

Ten centimeters larger than conventional scanners, an 80 cm gantry opening offers freedom to position large patients for challenging diagnostic studies. It also provides flexibility for positioning of radiation therapy patients .

High power

The combination of our Performix Pro VCT 100 tube and 100 kW generator enables an 800 mA maximum tube current – all the power you need for optimized image quality in obese patients.

State-of-the-art table design

The Optima CT580 W tables help you perform accurate scans on large patients. With our optional high-capacity table, you can support and scan patients weighing up to 650 pounds (295 kg). And a low minimum table height gives patients easy-on- and-off access. For radiation therapy cases our TG66-compliant tables help provide accurate positioning, thanks to a stiffer cradle made from an advanced composite fiber to keep patients steady.


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