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Viztek Leggera DR

Viztek Leggera DR

Leggera DR Solutions are available in a cesium wireless cassette size wi panel and a 4143 xed panel. Both oer superior image quality, low dose, and oer images within seconds of exposure for speedy throughput. The 35x43cm wireless panel features an ultra-light design and is highly versatile, tting in various x-ray room environments. At only 6.17lbs and with up-to 8-hours of battery life, the (ISO 4090) cassette size panel uses ethernet communication technology and includes a back-up connection cable. An optional battery charger is available and can charge up to three batteries at a time. The xed 4143 panel is an ideal solution for various x-ray room congurations including the FIT Kit. This incorporates the Fixed and Wireless panel in a dual room.

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Used and refurbished options are available for immediate delivery. We also offer mobile units, rental units, and lease to own options.