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Rayence Xmaru 1417

Rayence Xmaru 1417

The Rayence Xmaru 1417 Series is the latest in innovative cassette sized flat panel technology. The durable, ultra-thin, and light weight design makes it the most ideal 14”x17” flat panel detector. The 1417 Series is designed to be compatible with X-Ray systems that use ISO 4090-compliant 35 x 43 cm x-ray cassettes, which paves the way for seamless and hassle free upgrades for any x-ray application. Whether moving from film or CR to DR, upgrading existing technology or installing a new DR system, the Rayence Xmaru 1417 Series is an economical choice for superior image quality.

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Used and refurbished options are available for immediate delivery. We also offer mobile units, rental units, and lease to own options.