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Genesis OmniOne Hybrid PACS

Genesis OmniOne Hybrid PACS Datasheet

All-in-One PACS Archive, Viewer & Image Transmission

OmniOne is an “All-in-One” PACS system with a full-featured SQL database for secure archiving of all DICOM images. OmniOne features diagnostic viewing of digital images on a 24” Widescreen 2MP monitor with portrait and landscape orientation. Images can be sent to off-site locations via the Internet using HIPAA-compliant encryption. OmniOne’s reliable hardware has a 3-year on-site warranty.

Image Archiving

OmniOne uses the DICOM Storage SCP to allow images from CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM and all other DICOM modalities to be received and stored automatically. OmniOne utilizes a SQL database for security and scalability. Thanks to an embedded DICOM file compressor, images can be stored as DICOM uncompressed or lossless JPG to maximize storage space. The archive also supports multiple OmniWeb viewing licenses.

Diagnostic Viewing

OmniOne combines a 24” widescreen diagnostic viewing monitor (portrait and landscape orientation) with full-featured viewing software for complete interpretation of images. OmniOne’s unique diagnostic features include Image Stitching, CD / DVD burning, emailing images in 6 formats, DICOM / paper printing and a full compliment of annotation tools designed to maximize workflow.

Image Transmission

OmniOne combines the security of a redundant image repository with the convenience of image transmission to an off-site facility for radiology interpretation and disaster recovery. Using the Internet, OmniOne applies HIPAA-compliant encryption & decryption to bring full DICOM images to your offsite location. If transmission is broken, OmniOne automatically re-establishes connection and resumes transmission at the exact point of disconnect to avoid data loss.

Reliable Hardware

Every OmniOne is pre-tested and pre-configured on a reliable Dell hardware platform. Dual 500 GB RAID 1 hard drives provide necessary redundancy. Each OmniOne is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply to ensure image integrity in case of power failure. 3-year parts and labor computer warranty is included.

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