Ziehm Quantum

Ziehm  Quantum
– Single Function Foot Switch
– Real Time Processing
– Filters/Windowing/Rotation/Mirroring
– Post Processing-Edge Enhancement
– Rotation, Windowing, Inverse, Image Crop
– High Frequency X-ray Generator 20,000 Hz
– Iris and Slot During live Fluoroscopy
– Fluoroscopic Operation from 40kV to 110kV at 0.2-Maximum 6ma and Pulse Modes
– Radiographic Operation from 40kV to 110kV at Maximum 20ma
– 8ma Mode for Digital Radiograph/Snap Shot Mode
– Dual Mode 9/6 in. Image Intensifier
– High Contrast Camera
– Body Region and Application Specific Key, Extremities, Chest, head, Spine, Hip Metal, Soft Tissue, 1/2 Dose
– Large Patient Diameter key
– Integrated Cable Pusher Allow for Easy Maneuverability and Positioning
– Two 18 in. High Resolution/Brightness TFT Flat Panel Monitors, 1280×1024
– 1280x1024Vx12 bit Highline Video Image Display with Dual Graphic Overlays
– 360 Degree Digital Continuous Image Rotation
– Last Image Hold
– Invert, White on Black
– True 1024 Shades of Gray
– Real Time Noise Reduction (Low, Medium, High)
– Snapshot, Electronic Noise Reduction by Multiple Frame Integration Preset for Better Image Quality
– Touch Screen Text Keyboard for Patient Annotation
– Auto Store Feature
– True 16 bit Image Processing and Storage
– 10,000 Digital Image Stored in 1Kx16 bit Image Display


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