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FujiFilm FDR D-Evo

FujiFilm FDR D-Evo

The FDR D-EVO has achieved 384 ×460mm size and 14mm thick which is equivalent to a CR cassette. The other main characteristics of the FDR D-EVO are 2.8kg 1weight, minimum 3seconds preview time and minimum 9seconds cycle time. Since the size is equivalent to a CR cassette, it is possible to load the FDR D-EVO into an existing upright/table X-ray system and can be handled in the same fashion as a CR cassette.

The “ISS method” provides high sharpness image even with low dose

The main characteristic of FUJIFILM’s new proprietarytechnology”ISS method 2 ” is realized by placing the TFT sensor on the front side of the scintillation layer where the TFT sensor of an existing panel is located on the back side. By using this new method, scattering/reduction of X-ray signal is significantly improved(resulting in improved MTF). Also, optimization of the scintillation layer of the panel is achieved by FUJIFILM’s own precision coating technology cultivated by manufacturing Imaging Plate(IP) for many years(resulted in improvement of DQE).

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